Sansom Capital is a team that invests in and creates opportunities with success and sustainability.
— Peter Sansom, Sansom Capital Managing Director 2016.

The primary focus and goals of Sansom Capital is to “create opportunity”. To do what we say, and build upon and sustain a profitable Australian portfolio of investments. This process has already begun with the group placing investment and structure around the mining sector within the portfolio.

We are known for providing referrals within our networks, for social responsibility and thinking and acting big, while delivering successful outcomes for all involved ( a win, win approach to everything).



To find and create opportunities to invest capital in quality people and projects that embody our purpose and are in line with our values, to provide successful outcomes for all involved.






Honesty, openness, keeping it real, truth and mutual trust, respecting & honouring others opinions.



Creative thinking and seeking to create opportunity and margin in all areas.



Act with compassion, connection and cohesion.



Think big with optimism, never give up!



Actively seek out growth in our business and ourselves personally.



Strive to provide freedom for others within our society.



Thrive on positive feelings, if not we ask why!

Here at Sansom Capital we are committed to supporting organisations that work with individuals and communities to bring about long lasting changes that have a huge impact in a world where there is great need.

Sansom Capital is committed to philanthropy out of a great love for the health and well-being of fellow human beings and a desire to make this world a better place.
— Peter Sansom, Sansom Capital Managing Director 2016

Destiny Rescue is an internationally-recognized Christian non-profit organisation dedicated to rescuing children trapped in the sex trade. Their vision is to rescue the sexually exploited and enslaved, restore the abused, protect the vulnerable, empower the poor and be a voice for those who can’t speak up for themselves.

Transform started in 2006 after our founders witnessed hundreds of highly vulnerable children scavenging the rubbish tip of Phnom Penh. These children had no access to education and little hope for a better life. In partnership with their parents, the first Life Centre was started to provide 60 of these children with health care, nutrition, education and mentors who would stay with them as they grew up. Today, the organisation has grown to almost 3,300 children and 31 Life Centres spread right across the city.

Shalom House provides holistic recovery for men with any life controlling issues. Founded in 2012 by Peter Lyndon-James, Shalom House offers a live-in facility located in the scenic Swan Valley of Western Australia. Men and families who meet the criteria and who are ready to embrace serious change in their lives, can commit to the program for a 12 month period to undergo a restoration process in the safety of a disciplined and controlled environment.

mongolia logo.png

Over the past few years MongoliaCare has been making a difference to many individuals and families caught in this ‘poverty trap.’ Along with providing them warm gurs and basic food items, we provide them with ‘work skills and life skills’ in a community environment, to restore their confidence and sense of self worth. This provides them a means to earn a small income, with a view to them eventually breaking free and becoming independent worthwhile citizens of Mongolia.

 MongliaCare has purchased 2330 m2 property on the outskirts of the capital UlaanBator in what is known as Gur district. They have nine gurs erected as well as a small one bedroom home, which houses the families and individuals. In addition, MongoliaCare has a heated meeting room and a all-weather, central insulated workshop. The site caters for 50 people including children and new ablutions have been completed to meet these requirements. All of the gurs, workshop, toilets and furniture have all been built by the workers and they have now been contracted to build gurs and furniture for other Non Government Organisations within Mongolia.


In 2010, Phil Hepworth (Founder of Water for Africa) had a life changing moment which propelled him on a journey when he saw a statistic that ‘one child dies every 15 seconds from water related diseases’. His heart was challenged to do something, so he stepped out in faith when an incredible opportunity presented itself before him to enrol in a drilling course through Living Water International Texas, USA, where he obtained a Shallow Water Drilling Certificate.

After obtaining his certificate, he connected with a dedicated man called Lance Whyle who was working on the ground in Tanzania helping provide clean water. After his first trip, Phil offered to help serve him as a volunteer each time he went to Africa. They worked alongside each other for the next 3 years until the season came for Lance to retire and Phil was presented with the opportunity to ‘Take up the Baton’…. 2013 saw the birth of Water for Africa.

Since then he has travelled 3-4 times each year to Tanzania, often accompanied by his wife and a team of volunteers to bring safe clean water to the beautiful people.