Founded by respected philanthropist Peter Sansom in 2013, the Sansom family business is aiming to become one of the most respected private equity investment firms in Australia. Sansom Capital is building this legacy.




Established in 2013

Sansom Capital is the brain child of Peter Sansom who up until recently was a part of the GW Sansom & Associates. Established in 1967, GW Sansom & Associates is a successful private lender and also an industrial property investor mainly within the Perth area. 

In 2013, the Sansom Group platform was structured to cater for markets that are emerging in the agriculture, energy, mining, and property sectors. 


L E A D E R S H I P 

“As a group, we apply our combined entrepreneurial expertise in order to create significant returns and long term value.”
— Gregory Kimpton, Group CEO

peter sansom

Beginning his career in property development and continuing to participate within the investment field developing skills in due diligence, funding projects, mortgages, venture capital, financial markets.

Peter presently operates a private family investment fund that looks at sectors that have been identified to have future growth and creative philanthropy both in Australia and globally. 


Gregory kimpton

Gregory is a business leader with industry exposure in the Middle East, Northern Africa, Europe and Australasia, across a variety of investments. A large part of his career has been in managing significant property portfolios and delivering large scale private & public developments, such as Abu Dhabi Airport and managing the design, delivery and operations of luxury hospitality projects, working with brands such as the InterContinental Hotel Group.

He leads Sansom Capital’s strong advisory, finance & technical teams and aims to make a difference with their investments in the sectors of agriculture, energy, finance, mining and property, focusing attentions on providing smart solutions that drive sustainable environments and help reduce energy consumption.

Gregory leads Sansom Capital to a new, sustainable path and a brighter, cleaner future – the green and clean industrial revolution.


iain van der post

Iain van der Post graduated from the University of WA before joining the Sansom Capital. During his time at UWA, Iain gained invaluable experience interning at boutique financial institutions in London and Shanghai. Iain brings a passion for performance and optimism, operating across all disciplines within Sansom Capital.

During his time at Sansom Capital, Iain has assisted with direct investment strategy implementation, portfolio structuring and maintenance, financial modeling and credit analysis, corporate restructuring and business advisory services. Iain’s current sectors of focus are the resource, agriculture and energy sectors.